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Fairmont Hotsprings Resort - One of the Most Complete Resorts in Montana

The facade of Fairmont Hotsprings Resort of today is much changed from that of yesteryears. Originally purchased from a squatter in 1869, the land area was used as a dairy farm, before that though it was known by the native tribes as a popular location of healing waters. With twelve medicinal pools, wintertime was especially favored for both the extra heat and useability of the pools. Though it was temporarily used for farming, it wasn’t long before the owners realized the potential of the healing waters, and they planned the first hotel, bar, plunge bath, and bathing rooms. Said to cure arthritis, rheumatism, skin issues, and a number of other common ailments, soaking and even drinking the waters was considered a medicinal process, and the resort, known as the Gregson, became quite popular.

Farimont Hot Springs Montana
Farimont Hot Springs Montana

A Gathering Place Throughout the Years, Fairmont is Still Montana’s Best Family Resort

Changing hands throughout the years, picnics, events, and parties were a popular pastime here, with additions and guests added until the fires and deterioration of the early 1900s. Finally realizing that the resorts were no longer a viable safe place to house guests, plans were made for rebuilding in the 1970s, but not until after a large memorial picnic was held to commemorate the history of the old springs. After the goodbyes were said, the old resort buildings were lowered to make room for what guests are able to visit today. An 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, outdoor pool, and 190 rooms were built to reopen as Fairmont Hotsprings.

Old Werks Golf Course Anaconda Montana
Old Werks Golf Course Anaconda Montana

These days, guests would never know the extent of its history or that it is anything but new. Over 100 years old, the resort now has a hotel, restaurant, bar, outdoor seating, drink station, pool, indoor plunge, and swimming pools, and, unlike any other hot springs in the state, a magnificent waterslide, making it extremely popular for families and friends. The interior is recently remodeled and, although they only allow overnight guests to soak, they do also offer a yearly pass for those common visitors to get their toes wet.

For visitors looking for a getaway from Butte, the charming and historic city of Anaconda, MT is right next door. Featuring a brewery, small local shops, quaint eating locales, and a unique history of bootlegging, the city is also home to a world-famous golf course built by none other than Jack Niklaus himself. Using the mining town's history and smelter as inspiration, black sands, and old mining equipment make these holes one of the most unique courses around.

Discovery Ski Area Montana
Discovery Ski Area Montana

For those into skiing, Discovery Ski Area is right over the hill.

Whether you plan to visit in the fall, summer, or even wintertime, the historic Fairmont Hotsprings Resort is worth a night's stop. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, soak in the healing waters, and let the family have a unique experience like none other.


From Fairmont Hot Springs to Idaho: A Hot Spring and Sawtooth Mountain Tour

After a relaxing stay at Fairmont Hot Springs in Montana, why not take a tour to explore the neighboring state of Idaho? This tour takes you on a scenic drive through Boise National Forest and Sawtooth National Forest, with a stop at Kirkham hot springs for a one-hour soak. Then, head to Stanley for a two-hour lunch break and a stroll through the stunning Sawtooth Mountains. The tour ends with a three-hour drive back to Boise. Hotel pickup and drop-off are available for your convenience. Don't miss this opportunity to experience more hot springs and natural beauty on your Montana-Idaho vacation.


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