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Fly Fishing on Montana’s Missouri River

Fly fishing in the Missouri River in Montana is an unforgettable experience. Known as one of the best trout fishing destinations in the United States, the Missouri River offers miles of pristine waters, abundant fish, and breathtaking scenery.

The Missouri River is a tailwater fishery that runs through the heart of Montana. It is home to rainbow trout, brown trout, and cutthroat trout, with fish that can grow up to 20 inches or more. The river is known for its dry fly fishing, with hatches of mayflies, caddis, and stoneflies throughout the season.

One of the best times to fish the Missouri River is in the spring and fall. During these seasons, the water temperature is cooler, and the fish are more active. However, fishing is excellent throughout the year, with summer offering the added benefit of warm weather and long days.

Fly fishing on the Missouri River is best done from a drift boat, which allows you to cover more water and access the river's most productive areas. Several guides and outfitters operate on the river, offering guided trips and equipment rental.

If you prefer a DIY approach to fly fishing, there are several access points along the river where you can wade in and fish. Just make sure to obtain a fishing license and check local regulations before you go.

In addition to excellent fishing, the Missouri River offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The river runs through a rugged canyon and is surrounded by towering cliffs and rolling hills. Bald eagles, ospreys, and other wildlife can be seen along the banks of the river.

Fly fishing the Missouri River in Montana is a must-do for any serious angler. With abundant fish, breathtaking scenery, and excellent fishing conditions throughout the year, the Missouri River offers an unforgettable fishing experience that is not to be missed.


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