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Why Video Marketing is Essential for Real Estate

This site contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thanks.”

Using videos in real estate to drive more sales has become a common practice. The same also applies to real estate marketing. Throughout the globe, several videos are promoting the sales of various properties. Videos have become an effective tool for a salesman within any industry. They are the most engaging content available online. Getting people to buy a property requires starting a conversation about it. Videos are a great way to get the word out to the targeted buyers, start a conversation and get the ball rolling.

Videos are highly effective in real estate because it helps the sellers show the property clearly and, it will save time and effort from dealing with open houses and build a stronger connection with the buyers. If you are wondering whether you require a video to sell properties, then you’ve come to the right place.

What is the content of these videos?

Real estate videos can take several forms, these can be virtual tours of the property captured on your phone, a slideshow with high-resolution photos and videos, or an aerial view of the property captured with a drone. Virtual tours give the buyers a good idea of the property layout. Recording can be done with a good video camera or simply with your smartphone. These act as a permanent version of an open house. You don’t have to worry much about the upkeep of the property if you choose to promote it via this form.

In this age where several listings are available online, we don’t feel comfortable considering the purchase of anything unless we’ve got a glimpse of it online. If a listing does not even have pictures, it can be impossible to choose that property over those with photos and videos. Taking this virtual tour will make buyers more comfortable and confident in their decision to buy a property.

Another way to start a dialogue with potential buyers is to include yourself or an actor in the video. It will additionally engage the viewers. Furthermore, make it easier to give a brief description of the property. You can consider answering the most asked and relevant questions about the property, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size and area, and the price.

If you are a real estate agent, you can make videos introducing your agency. Creating a brand video goes a long way in creating brand awareness and building trust with the buyers. You can set forth an introduction of your company and provide relevant information about your company along with your qualifications and passions. This process can help you tell your story and build rapport with prospective buyers.

How are real estate videos made?

Shooting a video of your property does not necessarily require fancy equipment. If you want to go the extra mile, you could hire a production crew. The entire work will be done by the production crew, from the beginning to the end but, this can be extremely costly and, you won’t have a lot of control over the content of the video.

If you choose the easy way to do this, your smartphone is enough. Just record videos of the property using your phone’s camera and use any intuitive real estate video maker to make and edit the video by yourself. It does have a bit of a learning curve and can be time-consuming due to trial and error but, it is cost-effective. If you are tech-savvy and a fast learner, this is the way to go.

Real estate agents can highlight some listings on their websites and show off specific features and amenities. They can record the interiors and give the potential buyers a walkthrough of the property. Taking an aerial shot using a drone can take your video to the next level. You can record the neighborhood and the exterior with the drone. Doing this will provide the customers with a holistic view of the property.

How the video can reach prospective buyers?

The way people browse for properties has changed drastically. Looking for listings in the newspapers is a thing of the past. Now we find listings online via different search engines. Henceforth, real estate marketing is also evolving with the digital age. You can upload these videos on numerous social media platforms. It can significantly increase the number of people viewing your listings. Videos are incredibly versatile and have an expansive reach. People who cannot come and visit the property at once can also see the property through the video.

Real estate agents can use their website to promote the video. Both sellers and agents can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote the property. Several people will find out about the listing offline. When they contact you, you can email them the video or send a link to the platform where you have uploaded it. You can upload these videos on various real estate listing sites as well.


Video promotions have become a necessity in real estate. Buying a property is a tedious ordeal. People do not want to consider investing an enormous amount into a property without knowing everything about it. Creating a video will make buying and selling houses a lot easier. It provides potential buyers with the necessary information about the infrastructure of the listing and, they are introduced to the sellers as well.

People are constantly online in today’s day and age, making this a viable opportunity for sellers to promote their products. Videos engage people in a way that pictures and texts cannot. They help build trust and a better connection with the buyers. Creating a video will make your listing stand out and catch the buyer’s eye.

If you find yourself overthinking the content of the video, then find a way to make it more fun. A more candid video would be more relatable to the buyer. If you have fun while making the video, they will also enjoy themselves while watching it.


"This site contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission. Thanks.”

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